Anal Fantasies

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I thought I didn’t like anal. Truth be told, I have had some bad experiences with it. And I don’t like poop, just in general. So when he asked me to give him my ass, my first response was no way and my second was I’m not clean down there. Then he started playing around down there…kissing my ass cheeks, licking my hole. Using a finger to swirl around the hole, while he used his tongue to bring me to orgasm again and again…it was coercion that finally made me agree. I was in such a state of ecstasy
that I wasn’t thinking straight! And his cock is not small either.
He set the head of his cock at my bud and I just knew it was too big to fit there, but boy did it feel nice against my hole. He pushed; just enough for me to feel his swelling head. OMG! I couldn’t breathe! It was just not going to fit, but it felt sooooo good! He told me to relax and pushed again, even slower this time…the feeling was overwhelming! I relaxed into it as best I could and he moved so slowly, pushing a little further with each thrust. I was dying now…my orgasm was so close and he hadn’t even done any fucking yet! It seemed like an hour before he was in to the hilt and it filled me like nothing I have felt before! I struggled not to move, not to thrust my ass against him to try and get him deeper still. Finally he began to move and I exploded, crying out for him to fuck my wife anally! Begging him to put it in hard and deep!

Porn movies watch

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I have decent orgasms using my vibrator and watching iPhone Porn, but I’m a little disappointed in my sexual creativity, it just hasn’t been a priority. I do manage to get myself off at least once a day, or sometimes twice a day on the weekends, but the creativity is lacking. Hence, my own little refresher course from the high priestess of fucking yourself good, Ms. Dodson. On her advice,I’ve been experiencing with my pelvic floor and holding my orgasm for longer. And yes, cumming so fucking hard as a result. I also noticed the more stressed I am the more tension I hold, which just makes me cum even harder. I knew working long thankless hours had to be good for something.

Looking for love

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“You are stunning! Life is too short to be serious all the time, don’t you think? A lot of people don’t understand my sense of humor and why I looking for love in the most peculiar places. I think you may be the type of person I’m looking for.
I’m quite a nice and gentle person who can be quite straight forward, at moments. I have a sort of fetish for strangers, who let everything go wild. But only you should know of this, okay? I’m on this site called Meendo Adult Sex , and it provides a free anonymous msg service, perfect for me! Give me a holla when you are there,. Cheers!”

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I also met a 29 year old athlete/actor on another site who seems to find me interesting. You know how I usually feel about men under 35 but…this one has a real mature…dirty side…and he texted me all day yesterday. then he asked if he could call me last night and we had a really deep conversation about sex . He seemed to be impressed with my openness and knowledge and the fact that I wasn’t just head over heels over his young good looks. I told him I only like men who are REAL and UNPRETENTIOUS.I don’t care how young and gorgeous he is …if he doesn’t know how to please me in bed…I don’t need him.
Then we ended up in a very dirty phone conversation where he finally asked me to hang up and send him a few homemade sex videos video of me playing with my pussy and saying some very specific things just for him. When I actually did what he asked …he was blown away. Some people talk a lot but they don’t deliver. If you spark an interest in me…you WILL get what you want as long is its within my boundaries.
Beides that…the lawyer that I had met for the first time the other day was also texting me a lll day about all the naughty things he has in mind for me so…it wasn’t surprising when after I watched LeBron James take it up the Ass from the Boston Celtics last night….i went straight to bed. I had a very busy weekend full of arousing situations with a bunch of extremely hot men. It wore me out and sent me off to sleep with a lot of anticipatory adventures in my brain. I’m almost back and I’m guessing that by the time I write my next blog…there WILL be some fucking involved. Ginna

The Best of You

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Dating is a complicated sport. It’s fraught with the pitfalls of both parties preconceived notions. Us guys (if I play my cards right we’ll be fucking before the end of the night). Women (if I play my cards right I may have someone to show off to my friends and essentially make me feel good). Look for more girls at adult sex site.
It’s been a while but I was able to go out on a date on Friday night. I realized for myself that I was being quite modal. I had the date set in motion where pick her up, go eat and then go somewhere fun. Perhaps if things go well night cap and eventual “relations”. I realized I played the game I hate which is goal of sex for peices of me that are little trival things. I don’t brag much (except on here, this is a blog afterall).

It made me realize that I was putting in a 40% effort into a date with a beautiful woman with a great personality. I changed my ways but it was too strong and I figure too late because her reactions to me were not as thrilling as before. (I may have overdone it)
Regardless of my failure to make a connection before traveling for a few weeks I wonder… When you date is someone getting the best of you (highest presentable value)?

What a great sexless weekend

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Did I just say that??? It was a great Thanksgiving weekend for those of us north of the border. And I didn’t even have any turkey! Got to go to a great aunts 95th birthday party, saw family from all over Canada, the weather was amazing, and the drinks were plentiful! Every evening in the pool, to the hot tub and sauna, then back to the pool… Awesome.

I am wanting you.

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There is this thing about you that makes me want to wither and scream under your touch. It makes me want to cum when I know you are going to be close to me. To make me whine and call your name. To know that soon you will be here and I am waiting and wanting. For that touch, for that mouth, for you.
Because there is nothing like the wanting I am feeling. Except the presence of you. Except the feel of your body next to mine, warm and inviting. Making me feel like the woman I want to be. And I do want to be that woman for you. I want to be the sexy woman you have waited to find. The body that makes you lose your breath for a moment.
And to know that you will soon be here next to me. Holding me, kissing me. Making my nipples hard as you such and play with them. Making me wet as I ride you. Knowing what it is like not just to have a dick inside me, but one that cares and wants me.
And to me you mean everything. And I want you so badly. I wonder if I will ever find you.

Horny – and Bored !!!

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Horny and very bored today !!
Wife fucked my brains out last night so have to wait until she wants some more fun later this week until then its cold showers and a raging hard on – think I might have a touch of the sexual addiction kicking in !!!
As a very naughty boy – I have access through a sexy couple I have met on here and play with to use their gold profile to review pics but understandably they would not appreciate using their mail to contact some of the sexy ladies ( me thinks she may get a little jealous !! lol )
Standard profile sucks but not risking credit cards statements showing ”charges” for my sexy wife to see !!
Tried to comment on a couple of hot pics on here with some seriously sexy women but standards can’t do this !!
Any hot lady can blog / comment and we will find a way
I travel all over the island so distance is not a problem !!

Some People Here Should Just Watch A Porn Movie

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I am getting tired of those people who come onto me so hot and heavy from the start and as correspondence progresses you come to find out it is only a fantasy of theirs and this must be a way for them to “get off “. I should know the signs by now, no picture, alot of “hot talk” right from the start {ie. meet me now, I want you now, your are the hottest guy I have ever seen etc.} . Recently this guy from Hazelton came onto me so hot and heavy I actually got somewhat excited myself only to come to find out he is all talk and BS !
Please I am very serious about enjoying Adult Play with sincere, serious people “In Person” and “For Real Skin On Skin” Play! Or meet the girl at the Free Dating site!
If this is only a game for you and you are reading this please move on and play someone else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!or go watch a Porn Movie and Get Off watching !


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Hello,once again I’m trying to get my 6 extra months free …guys beware with woman trying to hook up quickly…let me tell you something…I did have an answer from a female profile,we decided to meet but to me was to quick;anyway I did go to the meeting but to make sure I was with the right person I did call her and watched who answer the phone…as soon I dialed the number someone pick the phone and answer me..she did have a big reason NOT to share a pic with me when I did asked for…she was totally different at her description…I just turn back to my truck and left…make sure you get a pic before any meeting.!